Update 01/29/2019

Post date: Jan 29, 2019 9:55:36 PM

Pioneer Family,

Here is some updated information:

Upcoming schedules:

Please refer to the app or website that Coach Raaine gave to your daughter for all pertinent information on times, locations, etc. Game information will come directly from the coaches.

Spirit Gear:

We will finalize our order for all of the players and those who purchased any extra items during the Parent/Player Meeting. There will be additional wear offered to all parents soon. The list and pricing will be sent out in a separate email when all is finalized. We are rush ordering all of the practice gear for the players, and will hopefully have those by the end of next week.

Manlet Tournament:

Schedules are posted here on our site. Please refer to the Suzanne Manlet Tournament page to view them.

Field Duty & Snack Bar:

Sign-ups for your field and snack bar shifts are available to book online if you didn't get a chance to do so at the meeting. Please visit our Sign-Up Page to choose your time. If you are planning on buying out, please let us know ASAP so we can deposit your $150 check. For those of you who did not leave a deposit check, please make arrangements to do so by the end of the week.


The Feb 1st date is fast approaching, and your first due date is at least $100 for two entries into our Boot Camp. There is no limit on the number of entries! A date and time for you to turn in all your paperwork and weigh in will be sent soon.

Keep selling your Pancake Breakfast and Studio Movie Grill tickets! You will be turning in your money for these on February 6th at 2:15 at the fields. We will return your deposit check in exchange for the cash collected, or you can shoot us an email and let us know to just cash your check (and you will keep what you collected in cash). We have plenty more if you need some!

If you have sold any new banners, please have them email over their artwork (unless they are supplying their own banner) so we can have them printed in time for our first home game! We can make arrangements to pick up the paperwork & check at any time. Banner forms are available to download directly from our website.

Please let us know if you should have any questions.

Thank you,

Simi Softball Booster Club