News Update - 02/05/2018

Post date: Feb 5, 2018 9:52:50 PM

Pioneer Family,


Spirit Gear is in and will be handed out today, Monday, after practice. Please have your daughter go to the snack bar area where we will hand out her items.

Also, if you have not yet paid for Spirit Gear, please have your daughter bring a check to turn in. Remember: $275 for returning players and $335 for new players.


We will be collecting all fundraising items on Thursday, February 8th. You should be turning in $250 worth of SMG tickets, $125 worth of Pancake Breakfast tickets, $60 worth of Candy Bar sales and either $150 for a Renewal Banner or $200 for a New Banner. Some of you have more money to turn it for extra sales, so make sure you don't forget them!

All deposit checks will be deposited on Friday, Feb 9th unless you exchange your collected money for your deposit check.

There are still more SMG tickets if you would like to help out the program and sell more!

PS - Please update your address book to reflect our new email address:


Thank you for your support.

SVHS Softball Boosters